Beyond the Dollar Series #5: Get them a Fun Cooking/Painting (etc) Class!

So far we’ve covered a number of topics in our monthly Beyond the Dollar Series, including standing desks, gym memberships, PTO days for volunteering, and event tickets. For May, we’re talking about another way to provide an experience-based incentive that can appeal to your team.

Fun, creative classes for your team

A growing trend over the years has been the popularity of painting classes where groups of people attend and, with the guidance of a teacher, create the same piece of art. Think about in your own life – how often do you see photos of this excursion pop up when you’re scrolling through social media?

Because of its popularity, it’s also an excellent idea to consider as an incentive for your team that isn’t a salary or traditional benefit-based. You don’t even need to make it a painting class! Knowing that a large majority of the workforce is always looking for new experiences, you can open it up to any kind of class, like cooking or pottery.

Classes as a team-building exercise

Not only is this a valuable way to reward your team members for reaching goals, it’s also an excellent team builder. If you’re just looking for a way to help your team feel more comfortable with each other to produce more results, you can take them to a class and allow them the opportunity for creative bonding out of the office.

Find options in your area

Before you offer this, look up opportunities in your area to find out what exactly you could provide for your team. This way you can either hit the ground running with your new incentive or survey your employees to see if this is something they’d enjoy. No matter what you decide, you want to make sure it’s a feasible option for where you are. If not, your team may be discouraged if they work for something they can’t actually get.

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