Beyond the Dollar Series #7: Coffee/Drink Day!

This week in Beyond the Dollar, we’re talking about the best part of some people’s mornings and the miracle elixir that keeps us running throughout the day. Yes, it involves coffee, or whatever beverage you prefer throughout your day.

Most people have some sort of beverage they turn to in the morning. A large majority prefer the caffeine from coffee to help jumpstart their day, whether it’s black or sweetened, brewed at home or purchased on the go. The morning cup of java is an important part of a person’s day.

If you aren’t into coffee, maybe you prefer iced tea or a smoothie instead. Whatever it is, there’s likely a beverage that just makes your day. Because of this common thread amongst all of us, having a free coffee or drink day is a great way to incentivize your team.


It’s Flexible

Whether you want to reward one person, several people or the whole team, you can tailor this to your specific needs. It can be a morning treat or afternoon pick-me-up, whatever your team prefers. No matter when you bring someone their favorite drink, they’ll likely be delighted.

It’s Inexpensive

Even if you’re treating your whole team with Starbucks, occasional runs won’t break your budget when you compare to other employee incentives. It’s a thoughtful, occasional treat that’s more than just the regular morning brew that won’t necessarily need executive approval.

It’s Appreciated

It may seem like a small token of gratitude, but it’s actually a nice treat and greatly appreciated. Your team will be thankful for the time you spent recording their favorites, placing the order and bringing it to the office.

It Has Options

If you don’t want to do this in office, most places offer gift cards that a smaller amount of money can be placed on to cover a drink. Instead of planning a specific day, you can have cards ready as surprise expressions of gratitude to give to your employees when they do well. Same cost investment, different delivery.


Find Employees to Appreciate

Before you can reward an employee with a favorite drink, you need a person to celebrate. That’s where LaJoy Group can help. We’re one of Michigan’s most trusted employment agencies, and that’s because we take the time to listen to you. Our desire is to meet and exceed your expectations, and help you reach your goals as well. Request an employee to get started or get in touch with us today!


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