8-Step Service Delivery Process

Our systematic approach to selection, screening and assessment delivers consistent results:

  1. Strategic Analysis: Meet with your team to understand your goals and status.
  2. Define Expectations: Build a framework to set and exceed your expectations.
  3. Recruit Talent: Leverage successful strategies for identifying and attracting the best candidates.
  4. Interview Talent: Conduct skills-based and behavioral techniques to assess suitability of candidates.
  5. Assess Skills: LaJoy Group uses state-of-the-art software to determine skill levels and develop a psychological profile.
  6. Employee Growth: We offer a range of training and retention programs to keep you and our employees engaged and satisfied.
  7. Client Growth: We’ll check in with you regularly to ensure you are on track, reaching your goals and happy with our service.
  8. Measure Quality: Asking how we’re doing for you is great, but accurate follow-up through surveys and performance checks is more accurate.

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