How Quick Meditation on Break Can Make You More Productive

The word ‘meditation’ can be divisive among those who do it, those who know they should, and others who firmly believe they couldn’t if they tried. It conjures up an image of a person sitting in a meadow with their palms pressed together looking peaceful. Serene as that image is, you don’t need a meadow to find a few moments of rest.

Meditating on the job is an excellent tool to make you more productive, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Instead of letting your to-do list or stress spiral, pause to take some deliberate breaths and calm your mind to see what a small rest can do for your mental capacity. For those who need this practice at work, here are few ways quick meditation at work can make you more productive.


It Trains You to Avoid Counterproductive Activities

When you have a lot to do at work and the list just keeps getting longer, sometimes you welcome the distraction that keeps you from having to tackle your project. You’re tempted by these activities that lead to procrastination, but learning to meditate actually improves your willpower and ability to say “no.” Instead of letting your list rule you, you can pause, breathe deeply, and move into your walk calmly.

It Helps Improve Your Focus

In some cases, you may be deep into a project you don’t want to walk away from. Your mind is moving a mile a minute and you’re convinced you can’t stop. In moments like this, research shows taking a break can actually help you be more productive and produce better results when you return. During a break, use your time to meditate. With your focus improved and your mind slowed, you’ll do better work with less anxiety.

It Improves Your Planning

Trying to write your to-do list can be stressful enough. You see everything that needs getting done and don’t know when you’ll have time to do it all. Your goal is a logical order to tackle the work, but right now you can’t see past the tasks. A break here to meditate can again slow your thoughts, refocus your day, and allow you to return and have a better capacity for managing the work and determining the best order.

It Makes You More Creative

Next time you’re facing a block and staring vacantly at the computer or task ahead of you, try meditating instead. This time to calm and remove yourself from the work allows you to return with a fresh perspective and the ability to see things a little differently than before.

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