Beyond the Dollar Series #3: Personal Volunteering PTO Days

There’s no denying the impact of charitable giving. Whether it’s an organization you consistently sponsor or drives you hold at your workplace, giving back is rewarding and good for your company. In today’s world, people want to support businesses that care.


One way to show your dedication to improving your community ties directly into our third entry in the Beyond the Dollar Series. If you want to provide a non-monetary benefit to your employees, consider personal volunteering PTO days.


What are personal volunteering PTO days?


If an employee wants to spend a workday volunteering but doesn’t want to use one of their vacation days, the option of a personal volunteering PTO day makes the decision easy. Employers who offer this feature allow their employees to take a paid day to volunteer without counting it against their accumulated time.


What are the benefits of paid time off to volunteer?


There are a number of reasons why giving this option to employees is a smart idea. More and more companies are pursuing this model and finding that by and large their teams aren’t abusing the privilege. As it grows in popularity, your organization becomes more appealing to job seekers if you offer this as part of your benefits.


Outside of attracting new talent, it also keeps your current team engaged. You take away the burden of using a day without docking their pay and they get to spend the hours giving back. When you have happy and satisfied employees, they’re more loyal and productive. A few paid volunteering days can take your team to a whole new level.


Not to mention it can incentivize your employees to volunteer more. Knowing they’ll get paid might be the tipping point for them. While it’s not the most philanthropic reason, it gets them started and hopefully it will become a real passion for them.


Include it on your job postings


If you choose to do this, a key to doing it well is sharing the benefit in your job posting. With more job seekers interested in charitable organizations, they’ll be excited to apply to one that allows them to spend some of their time volunteering instead of in the office.


Ultimately, you can attract new talent to your company while improving the relationship you have with current employees just by giving them a few paid hours to make their world a better place.


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