Beyond the Dollar Series #1: Standing Desk Options

Employers are always looking for ways to benefit their employees without ruining their bottom line. You want to keep your team satisfied, but the budget is always looming, potentially keeping you from all the incentives you’d like to provide. Fortunately, there are benefits you can offer your team that aren’t strictly dollar related. One example is purchasing standing desks.


While there is a cost up front for the purchase, the standing desk doesn’t involve long term payments like increased salary or health insurance, but it does involve long-term satisfaction. Even though it’s a relatively new office concept, more and more research is being done about the benefits of standing desks and why they’re a good idea for your team.


Standing boosts your employee’s energy levels and moods


Previous research has found that the more time spent sitting, the higher the risk of anxiety and depression, so the standing desk provides a solution against these mental illnesses. A seven-week study found that those using standing desks were less stressed and fatigued than those sitting all day. Almost 90% felt an increase in their energy throughout the day as well.


It can boost productivity


As your mood and energy increase, it’s likely you’ll become more productive as well. Despite some concerns over typing ability while standing, one study found no impact on typos or speed of typing in a group of 60 young adults standing for four hours a day.


These are just two ways that a standing desk can improve your employees’ performance and create a better atmosphere overall in your organization. The real benefit to employees comes from the effects a standing desk can have on their own health.


The health benefits of a standing desk


Again, with many studies done about the issues with sitting all day, it’s no surprise that a standing desk has the ability to improve these health concerns. One of the biggest ways is it can lower the risk of weight gain. Standing just for an afternoon can burn more than 170 calories extra, meaning in a week you’ve burnt nearly 1,000 extra calories.


Standing also helps reduce spikes in blood sugar levels. Several studies have found supporting evidence that it can lower blood sugar levels, including one that concluded standing for three hours after lunch reduced the spike in levels by 43%.


Another study even concluded that participants using a standing desk had less back pain after several weeks of use. A study from the CDC found that neck and upper back pain was reduced by more than 50% after the implementation of a sit-stand desk.


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