Tanking your Interview? Turn it Around with These Tips

As soon as an interview starts going south, you recognize you’re off course. When this happens, you have two options: the first is to accept defeat and rationalize that you didn’t want the job anyway or turn it around and proceed in a different, more confident demeanor. If you’re the latter, here are tips to turn around your tanking interview.

  1. Remain positive

One of the easiest ways to lose it all is let the negative emotion overtake you. Your internal monologue may begin telling you that you made a mistake and ruined everything, leading you to a poor emotional state. Even when you want to sulk, you have to remember the interview isn’t over yet and the right attitude can shift the momentum back on track.

  1. Pause and breathe

You may want to keep plowing through every question until it’s over but taking a small moment to collect yourself can make a difference in whether or not you can pull it together. By practicing some deep breathing and pauses, you can give yourself time to re-evaluate what’s happening and how you can improve your situation. 

  1. Seek clarification

A common mistake to make is answering a question you don’t understand and hoping it’s right, so you don’t have to seem unknowledgeable by asking for clarification. Being competent is good, but the ability to recognize you need help is actually a strength and may improve your chances of being hired.

Go back when needed

An incorrect answer may seem like your chances of being hired are in jeopardy, but that doesn’t mean your responses are locked in. It’s within your rights to return to something that was discussed and clarify your initial response. By doing this, you’re confidently presenting your stance and making sure you’re understood.

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