3 Tips to Lessen your Nervousness Before the Interview

Being nervous before a job interview is a normal reaction. Even knowing you’re qualified doesn’t keep the butterflies at bay in your stomach. Your mind races through possible questions, issues with finding the office, if you’ll wear the right outfit, and what will happen if you don’t get the job. While this anxiety is normal, it doesn’t have to rule you. Here are three tips to help lessen your nervousness before the interview.

  1. Find what you can control

Certain elements related to the interview are beyond your control, like what the employer will think of you, but there is prep work to be done that can alleviate some of your anxious feelings. Feeling prepared is one of the best ways to overcome your fear.

Start by researching the company thoroughly, especially areas related to your position. You want to be able to answer any questions the interviewer may have as well as ask your own. Prepare your outfit in advance, checking to make sure everything is ironed and fits properly. Determine your route to the office and prepare for potential hurdles, like parking and traffic. By thinking through these areas, you don’t have the sweat the small details before an interview.

  1. Think about what you’re putting into your body

To give yourself the best advantage during the interview, monitor what you’re eating and drinking before. Even if you’re tired, avoid caffeine. It can make you more jittery and uneasy as all the emotions course through you on top of the added energy. Stay hydrated but avoid drinking too much and becoming fidgety when you need to use the restroom.

You obviously want to stay away from potent foods before the interview, including garlic and onions, but consider how much you’re eating as well. A large meal can leave you feeling full, bloated, and even tired, causing you to yawn during the interview. Your nervousness will thank you for eliminating a potential barrier.

  1. Keep thinking about your breath

Simple breathing exercises can be done in your car after you arrive in the interview or even while you wait to be taken back. Anxiety makes your breath shallow, so taking time to think about your breathing, focusing on the in and out, can even it out.

There are many techniques to help, but the idea is simple. By focusing on your breathing, you give your mind a break from racing and at the end, you feel calmer. 

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