Dealing with People You See More Than Your Family: Co-Workers

When you do the math, you realize you spend an alarming amount of time with your co-workers. During the actual work week, you’re likely with them more than your family. Spending this much time with anyone can cause tension, so naturally, the people you work with are no different. If you’re feeling the effects of the close proximity, here are a few ways to deal with your co-workers. 

Keep a Professional Distance

Positive relationships at work can improve your work experience, but there’s always a line when it’s too far. A great way to avoid becoming annoyed at the people you work with is don’t over socialize or let them distract you. Being rude is unacceptable, but focusing on your job instead of small talk is perfectly acceptable.

Don’t Let the Relationships Leave the Office

Even when you have people you really like at the office, the relationship shouldn’t go past the doors. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential, especially when you know how much time you’re already spending with or near this person. Feeling like you can disconnect completely will let you leave the stressors of work behind and be present with your family.

Avoid Drama, Even When It’s Tempting

At some point, you’ve likely heard people whispering about a fellow co-worker and your human nature is interested in learning what’s happening. While the temptation is normal, staying out of the drama and conflicts between other people will ultimately make you happier and more productive on the job.

Practice Healthy Conflict Resolution

You’re with your co-workers at least 40 hours a week, often working in high-stress environments, so conflicts will arise. When they do, it isn’t healthy to pretend they didn’t happen or let the negative feelings fester. The longer you go without confrontation, the worse the situation becomes. Conflict resolution is challenging, but crucial to help you deal with your co-workers.

Remain Focused on Yourself

Avoiding the comparison game is good advice for any walk and position in life, especially the office. The more you pay attention to what others are doing, the easier it is for you to feel either pride or insecurity which can ultimately affect how you view your coworker. In the end, these thoughts only hurt you, so focus on the work you’re doing without being distracted by others.

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