Understanding Your Employees’ Goals Can Lead to Better Team Growth

Goals are an important part of life in both personal and professional settings. They guide people to change and improve, with effects that can ripple. Unfortunately, many goals that are set are never achieved due to lack of relevancy, motivation, and follow-through. Because of this, it’s important you understand your team goals and how they can lead to growth.

Employee Goals Benefit your Company

While your team might be setting goals for their own improvement, these changes can help your organization overall. By doing their own jobs better, they’re directly supporting your company. This is why it’s essential to check in with your team and see what they’re trying to accomplish. See how everything ties into the bigger picture and help them adjust where necessary.

Employee Goals Benefit your Team

When looking at your specific team or group at work, goals that work together can lead to growth. There should never be the “every person for themselves” mentality. You are all literally on the same team and your goals should reflect that mindset.

If your team is set solely on getting better in their own role and not working with everyone else, it might be time to have a meeting and get everyone on the same page. It might take some work and culture shifts, but you can get to a point where the individual goals support the work of the whole.

Another bonus in knowing what each person wants to accomplish is you can see who is best suited to help. This means you can connect employees who might be on the same team, but rarely work together. Efforts like these will strengthen your team because they’ll be working outside their standard boxes and seeing the larger impact of the work they do together. 

Employee and Team Goals need Supported

This team growth cannot happen unless you support your employees in their efforts. Work with them to set annual goals and bring them together to discuss as a group. Hold them accountable through regular update meetings and partner with them throughout the entire journey. Help them adjust where needed and reward them for their achievements.

A positive goal-based environment can have tremendous results, but failing to be involved with what your people are doing can keep things stale. If you don’t bridge the gaps between team members or help them refine what they’re trying to accomplish, they’ll likely feel disengaged and eventually give their goals up. You can be the difference between decline and growth.

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