Not in Love with your job? Using a Staffing Firm can Help!

After several months of being unhappy at work, you’ve finally realized you aren’t in love with what you do. You don’t want to stay, but you also don’t want to begin the long and exhausting job search. Don’t be overwhelmed by the emotional stress this time around and try using a staffing firm to make your life easier.


Trust their experience


The average person changes job every several years, so while they might be familiar with the job search process, they’re nowhere near an expert. Working with a staffing agency means you’re getting an expert. Recruiters live and breathe the job search. They spend every day finding positions for candidates and they’re up to date on the important trends you need to know.


Going at it alone can yield results but choosing the experience of a recruiter means you have someone to help guide you through the journey and potentially get you to the end much faster.


Trust their guidance


Unlike you, they know employers and the candidates they choose. They can both help you be the right kind of candidate or let you know what went wrong if you don’t receive an offer.


Because they are experts, they have the right tools at their disposal coupled with the necessary advice to turn you into a candidate who’s more likely to land a great job. Everyone will give you an opinion about your resume and how to answer an interview question, but your contact at the staffing firm will tell you the right answer.


Trust their opportunities


Because these staffing companies spend years building relationships with employers, they frequently know about open positions not currently advertised. When you work with an agency, these confidential opportunities suddenly become available to you.


Even if it is a posted position, you might never see it on your own, but your recruiter will know where to look to find you all the very best opportunities.


Trust LaJoy Group


As one of the top recruiting agencies in Michigan, we have many options to meet your employment needs. We learn about your skills, experience, and goals, and then match your qualifications to our employer partners’ needs. Ready to meet your match? Contact our placement agency in Michigan today.


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