Retain Your Staff by Becoming a Better Leader

In your business, you’ve likely experienced negative effects from turnover, including the cost involved to find and train someone new. You know it’s easier and less expensive to keep employees, but that’s easier said than done. Offering competitive packages doesn’t always seem to be enough to entice people to stay. What else can you do? Become a better leader.

Be interested in your team

Don’t look at your workforce as a collective structure but as talented individuals working together. Make the effort to get to know each and every one of them on a more personal level. Not only is this better for you, it’ll make them feel known and valued.

When an employee feels invisible, leaving takes hardly a second thought. But if your employees know the benefit of their presence and that you see them, it may cause them to think through their actions.

Lead by example

Your people want to know that you don’t just talk a big game, but that you actually value them. More than just your conversations, show this with your actions. Don’t ask them to do something you wouldn’t do yourself and demonstrate this by actually taking on other tasks. Learn new skills alongside your team to show your dedication to them and the company.

Open the lines of communication

Make sure your team knows they can rely on you to tell them what’s going on and that you’ll listen to their concerns. A lot of turn-over is caused by managers who refuse to listen or share, and even go as far as creating increasingly toxic workplaces.

Encourage your workers to come to you with anything and take the time to address all of their concerns. If big news happens, don’t wait for them to hear it through the grapevine. Take the initiative and tell it to them first.

Follow through

To be a manager an employee wants to stay and work for, you need to prove yourself as someone who follows through. Your people need to know they can trust you to do what you said you would. When you forget or putting something off, you’re essentially telling them they aren’t important enough to remember.

Solve your workforce management problems

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