Is the New Year Time for a New Job? 3 Ways to Tell if it’s Time to Switch Jobs

Perhaps for some time now you’ve been unhappy at your job. You find yourself thinking about quitting all the time and really dislike every moment you have to spend on the job. In some cases, this could just be a passing season and it’s easier to stay, but it could also be an indicator of a bad fit with negative long-term consequences. When you can’t decide if you should move on, here are 3 ways you can tell it’s time for a new job.


It’s affecting you physically


It’s one thing to dislike your job and think about finding something new, but it’s an entirely new problem if it begins causing physical symptoms. Stress about a job can cause disruptions in sleep patterns, whether its trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up. As a result, you’re more tired the next day, making work even worse.


Other side effects of prolonged stress can be frequent illnesses and headaches. If you find yourself feeling sick more often than usual or you are experiencing tension headaches, it’s likely due to stress, potentially from your job.


It’s affecting your attitude


When friends or family ask how work is going, you can’t find anything good to say. Instead, your conversations are mostly dedicated to how bad everything is and how miserable you are at your job. Every conversation you initiate is related to work and your general demeanor is becoming much more negative.


Because you spend so many hours at your job, your feelings about it can carry through the rest of your life. Failing to deal with your problems there or make a decision to leave can cause your thoughts to be dominated by what’s happening, making you miserable.


It’s affecting your work


Naturally, as your dissatisfaction increases, your productivity will decrease. You find you’re distracted easily, checking social media often and looking for other things to take up your time. This can be two-fold – you’re unhappy at your job and not mentally stimulated enough, meaning you need something more challenging.


Another consequence of staying too long can be the relationships with your co-workers. When your attitude worsens and every at work feels like torture, you can begin to take it out on the people you work with and your supervisor. The goal is to leave on good terms, meaning you don’t want to burn bridges because you can’t decide if you should leave.


Ready for a new opportunity?


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