2019 is the Year of Company Culture: How Does Yours Stack Up Words

As you start the new year, you’re probably considering all the ways you want to improve your business for 2019. You’re setting goals, creating employee development plans, and casting a vision to guide your company for the year. In the midst of all this planning, don’t forget about evaluating your company culture.


A good company culture creates a positive environment for your employees, making them happier and more loyal to your organization. Failing to monitor and adjust your culture can lead to higher turnover rates and a loss of talent. As you plan for 2019, use these indicators to see how your company culture measures up.


Is there room for people to move?


If an employee is stuck in the same position without hope of a promotion or moving to a different department, they’re likely to start considering other options. Look at your staff and the internal moves they’re making. Look for trends that indicate there’s room for movement like this and employees seem content to stay at your company in different roles. If members of your team are leaving without any growth, you might have a problem.


How are your turnover rates?


While people will leave your company for a number of reasons, higher turnover rates can be partially the fault of a bad company culture. Typically, rates higher than 8 percent indicate you have a problem on your hands. Check how long employees stayed before quitting and consider implementing exit interviews to get a better idea about their reasons for leaving.


Are your employees recommending jobs to friends and family?


When an employee feels content at a position, they’re more likely to refer friends and family to an opportunity in their company. Think about it this way – at least 25 percent of your hires should come from employee referrals. If you aren’t seeing these numbers or anywhere close, it could be an issue of dissatisfied staff not wanting to bring people they know into your company, which is a bad sign.


Is work-life balance important?


Allowing flexibility in your scheduling and understanding for your employees is one of the best ways to help improve your company culture. Evaluate your policies and talk to employees to determine if you’re too rigid in this area.


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