Improve Your Vocabulary with these 5 Tips

New year goal setting is an annual tradition to help people take advantage of the fresh start provided when December ends and January begins. Because words are essentially the foundation to society, improving one’s vocabulary is a common goal to pursue. If you want to expand your knowledge of words and their uses, try these five tips:


Read more frequently


One of the best ways to pick up new words is to read often and from a number of sources. Sticking to the same field or genre will have you reading words you know, but when you add in new themes, you’ll be exposed to new opportunities. Don’t immediately look up every word you aren’t sure – highlight unknown ones and see the frequency of their use. Check them in context and try to determine what they mean from your own evaluation before verifying you’re right.


Keep in context


Speaking of context, most words are actually learned this way, even when you aren’t trying to improve your vocabulary. Instead of focusing on lists of words, try looking at them in sentences to see if you can gather their meaning using the clues available.


Find new words to learn


If you want to pick up words outside of reading, you’ll need a list. While daily calendars, emails, and alerts can give you a daily word, it’s better to focus on ones that you notice more frequently. Picking up common words that resonate is an easier method when you want to incorporate what you know into your word choice when speaking and writing. Keep a list or research lists online, pulling words you recognize from conversation but don’t know.


Try word association and mnemonics


Devices like mnemonics and word association help you assign values and thoughts to words which can increase recollection later. By creating a way to easily connect a new word to words or images you do know and thinking about them throughout the day, you can commit them more easily to memory.


Make it fun


It doesn’t have to all be in your head! A great way to practice is through word games and crossword puzzles that allow you to test what you know and pick up some new words along the way,


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