Improve Your Leadership Skill in the New Year

With the new year approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you want you and your company to accomplish. Setting goals is an important part of the business process and should include ways to improve your own leadership skills. By being a more effective manager, you can see more of a positive response from a team.


Understand and develop your skills


A successful leader knows what he or she is capable of and understands potential limitations. Take an accurate inventory of your skills and decide how you can use them more in the new year and where you can do a better job of delegating.


Set the standard


As the person in charge, people look to you for guidance in all situations. Because of this, your attitude and reactions affect the rest of your team. Use your opportunity as a role model to exemplify what you expect from your team. Not only can this produce better behaviors from them, but they’ll also see you as a person of integrity because you walk your talk.


Know where you want to go


Leaders without vision aren’t really leaders at all. Before you can make progress toward a goal, you need to know where you’re heading. Once you see the end, communicate this with your team so together you can develop goals and action plans.


Be a better motivator


A team that feels supported and encouraged is more likely to be content and productive, meaning motivation goes a long way. Make recognizes employees a top priority for yourself next year. By doing this, you not only stay more involved with their work and performance; they feel more engaged because you are.


Pursue professional development


Improving yourself doesn’t stop at supporting your company and team. Make sure 2019 is filled with opportunities where you can expand your own professional knowledge and bring back more wisdom to lead your people.


Practice humility


Being a good leader doesn’t mean you’ll always make good decisions or that your team will always deliver. When setbacks happen, learn to accept and grow from them instead of letting it derail your efforts. When a plan or project exceeds expectations, give credit where it’s due but don’t become so overinflated you lose sight of your team.


Recognize when you need help


At the end of the day, you aren’t a superhero and sometimes outside help is needed. When you need staffing support, trust LaJoy Group. Our managed services division is here to handle all your hiring needs, guaranteeing you find what you’re looking for in less time and with better costs. Request a consultation today!

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