5 Clerical Skills To Improve in 2019

Resolution season is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to decide what you want to accomplish next year. Often these goals involve being healthier, spending more time with the ones you love, and advancing your career. One professional area to consider improving is your clerical skills. Regardless of your position in a company, whether you’re a secretary, clerk, or president, honing these abilities can work wonders for your career.


  1. Organizing


Projects and assignments are more easily forgotten without effective organization. Beyond just filing and making copies, being more organized assists in making decisions, managing, and planning for any type of project. Even more, it helps you become more efficient and better at managing your time.


  1. Communicating


Communication skills will take you far in any field, whether you’re a clerk, professional athlete, or doctor. Skills in both speaking and writing help you seem more professional and intelligent. It’s important to express yourself competently through presentations, emails, and answering phones. More than just communicating with others, you have to listen to others.


  1. Working with numbers


Math isn’t just for your accounting department. While it’s not necessary to have a working knowledge of Calculus, basic algebraic skills can assist in budgeting, expensing, creating spreadsheets, and of course maintaining the accuracy of all records.


  1. Minding details


Not everyone is a ‘detail person,’ but some level is important to help you prioritize your work and plan ahead. The more you know of what’s going on, the better decisions you can make and solutions you can find.


  1. Using a computer


It’s hard to find a job that doesn’t require some sort of computer knowledge. Depending on your specific field, learning a software or operating system might give you an edge in the new year, whether your goal is to better your job performance or find something new.


Put your new skills to good use


Once you’ve enhanced these five clerical skills, it’s time to find something to do with them! Look no further than LaJoy Group, one of Michigan most trusted staffing agencies. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for direct hire placements or temporary opportunities, we have them all. We specialize in several fields, including administrative and clerical fields. Don’t settle for a mediocre career – make a change in 2019 and find your new job with LaJoy Group!

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