The Keys To Keeping Your Homegrown Talent

You’re always looking for the best and brightest candidates to join your company. While recruitment is essential to finding talent, you also need to consider your retainment efforts to make sure you aren’t losing your homegrown employees. To keep your team from looking for a new position, consider these key tips.


Continued Development


A common reason employees leave is to pursue a job at a company where they feel they’ll have more opportunities for growth and development. It’s easy to forget about an employee’s desires to advance and improve themselves when they’ve been in the same role at your company for some time. By offering a clear progression of advancement and ample opportunities for professional development, you’ll see employees more satisfied staying at your company.


Regular Reviews


End of year reviews leave months without real engagement. If you aren’t checking in regularly, you could miss key signs of how he or she is feeling. Instead of one review a year, try a quarterly approach. Not only can you determine his or her satisfaction in the position, but you can also show them you’re invested in their work year-round. When they see you’re a manager dedicated to boosting their success, they’ll be more inclined to stay.


Open Communication


One of the easiest ways to lose a top, cultivated team player from your organization is to keep communication at the top level only. Employees want to be in the loop with what’s happening, and years of being excluded might lead them to look for something with a more open communication process. Develop a system that allows your team to safely voice their opinions and keep them updated frequently.


Fair Compensation


Ultimately, if you aren’t paying your homegrown talent enough, it’s likely at some point they will leave for something with higher compensation. Loyalty and passion for the job can unfortunately only take you so far. How much you pay an employee is an expression of how much you think they’re worth, so make sure it’s clear you value them on your team.


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