How Temporary-to-Hire Can Help You Evaluate Candidates on the Job

Temporary-to-hire is a hiring trend with growing momentum because of the advantages it offers employers. Bringing on a new hire is expensive – from the time it takes to interview and extend the offer to training costs to what is spent on salary and benefits – and the try-before-you-buy approach eliminates a lot of those costs.


Even worse, you can spend all the time and money necessary on someone you think is right only to realize they were a disastrous choice for your office. With the temp-to-hire option, you can evaluate candidates on the job to make sure you’re hiring the right person. Here are a few things to look out for when evaluating your temporary-to-hire employees.


Examine how they fit into your culture


One of the most important aspects to consider is if they actually fit into your company culture. A new hire who doesn’t mesh well may leave after only a few months and never really work well with the rest of your team.


When your temp-to-hire employee is in their trial phase, watch how they engage with other employees and how well they collaborate. Talk to their teammates to get a feel of the relationships before making your final decision.


Learn about their adaptability


Everyone needs some time to adjust to a new position, but this reasonable expectation shouldn’t be abused. Pay attention to how quickly the employee learns about your company and their role and begins to work autonomously. Failing to leave the nest smoothly may indicate more issues with adjusting to workload down the road.


Decide if they’re the right choice


Once you’ve had time to see how they fit in with your culture and can learn the job, decide if they’re ultimately the right hire for your company. In some cases, it may be an easy decision and you’ll know within a week you made the right choice all along. Conversely, your choice may backfire immediately.


If you find yourself in the middle of the road, you can choose to extend the allotted contract time and let them know what else you need to see from them. In some cases, the temp may choose to leave, but those who stay will dedicate themselves further to becoming the employee you need.


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