Time to Give Thanks – 5 Employee Recognition Tips

Thanking your employees is a year-round endeavor, but the holiday season is the perfect time to take your efforts to the next level. Whether you’ve had a record-breaking year, or you simply understand the added stress of work toward the end of the year, now is the time to think about how you can give thanks to your team. Here are five tips for employee recognition:


  1. More time off


The end of the year is typically a more hectic season, so the addition of paid off days for your staff can contribute to their work-life balance. Not only will they be grateful for your gift, they’ll work harder and be more productive while they’re in the office.


  1. Flexible scheduling


The 9-5 is declining in popularity, but that doesn’t mean all jobs or companies have the option to work from home. If possible, allowing your team to work adjusted hours or remotely can express your gratitude and leave you with a satisfied team.


  1. Fun around the office


Holiday parties and potlucks are common, but take it up a notch with pizza parties and other events that are inexpensive yet break up the normal work day. This can keep the environment light and merry instead of weighed down by holiday stress.


  1. Recognition board


This old-fashioned method is still effective. Establish a space in your office as an area where you can recognize your employees for specific accomplishments. You set the parameters – whether it’s best decorated cubicle or highest sales in a month, you can have fun with this space. It shows that you pay attention to the achievements of your team, big and small, and want to make sure others are aware.



  1. More casual days


Everyone loves casual Friday, so why not give your staff the chance to wear jeans a little more often? This is a small but impactful way to reward and thank your team without dealing with significant planning or costs. For fun, you can make it more of a game and set goals, rewarding your team with casual days for every milestone hit.


Bring in additional help


An unconventional way to give thanks to your employees is to help with the end-of-year workload by bringing in additional help. Temporary staff can help alleviate the burden of projects and free your team up to focus on other assignments. If you decide flexible workforce solutions are for you, contact LaJoy Group to help you out. We’re one of Michigan’s top staffing agencies and we can find the support you need in areas like manufacturing, clerical, retail, IT, and more!

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