What to Do When a Candidate “Ghosts” You

Ghosting is a phenomenon in today’s dating culture where the person you’re talking to simply disappears, like a ghost. There’s no fizzling of conversation or follow-up; one day they’re just gone. For recruiters and employers, this is a trend they can’t escape.

In the past, the ghosting came from recruiters and companies who, after a few conversations, decided they didn’t like a candidate and never reached out again. The job seekers were powerless to know what had happened and no amount of follow-up provided an answer. With more career options than ever before, the tables have turned leaving candidates to be the ghosts.

No matter what end of the situation you’re on, it can be frustrating. You’re unlikely to get a ghosted candidate back, but you can make improvements to keep it from happening again.

Boost the experience of the candidate

It’s your job to keep the candidate engaged and excited from first contact to job offer. In between those moments can be weeks if not months of delays and time for your choice to lose focus and look for other opportunities.

To avoid losing them, keep them updated throughout the entire process and be as quick as possible in the decision-making process. The longer you wait to reach out, the more likely you’ll lose them.

Know what makes a ghost

Sometimes a ghost happens out of nowhere, but often you have signs that indicate it’s a possibility. It can be as simple as a change in tone in the conversation or unanswered calls and emails. Maybe it’s on their end to pick a start date and you haven’t heard back.

When you notice these signals, it’s up to you if you want to keep pursuing the candidate or decide it isn’t worth your time.

Have a strong brand

An easy way to attract and keep candidates interested is by having an appealing brand. A strong culture attracts talent and keeps them coming back to you because of your reputation. You won’t have to worry about a ghost when you know what you have to offer.

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