How To Optimize Your Cost Per Hire…Use a Staffing Agency!

To find new talent, you spend money going to job fairs and posting in online job boards. You factor in travel costs when necessary as well as the cost to purchase materials to attract new talent. Advertising for your company can steadily rise as your needs do.

Then you bring on a new employee with the highest hopes that he or she will have a long and fruitful relationship with your company. You put money into hiring, training, and getting them settled, sure it will pay off in the end.

Sometimes, this money spent is beneficial and you’ve found a great addition to your company who stays for years and years making a positive impact. Other times, they go in a matter of months leaving you scrambling and cursing the money gone.

While this is, unfortunately, an occurrence that can’t always be avoided, there is a way to optimize your cost per hire – using a staffing agency.

No more wasted time

Another factor that can contribute to cost per hire is the time other employees spend away from their jobs assisting in hiring and training. Sometimes it can take months to fill a position, meaning people are pulled away for weeks and unable to complete tasks in the same timeframe as before.

One of the most notable benefits of working with a recruiter is they do all the legwork for you. They find the right candidates and present them, so you aren’t overwhelmed with options. You can be as involved as you want, meaning you’re fully involved in the selection or only see the top 5. Either way, you aren’t wasting any more of your company’s time than necessary.

Better placements

Any new hire can leave quickly, but those found through staffing agencies are more likely to be a better fit. The recruiter working for you has learned your business as well as your needs. They’re working to find a candidate who not only is qualified but will fit in well. It’s this kind of consideration that can produce a more fruitful and long-term relationship.

Consider working with LaJoy Group

When you work with LaJoy Group, we’re about more than just providing an employee. We discuss both you short- and long-term goals to make sure we understand where you want to go. We learn your expectations with the plans to exceed them. Once we’ve delivered on our promise, we keep following up to make sure you’re satisfied. Our service is unmatched – learn for yourself today!

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