Why a Recruiter is Your In To Your Next Job

Too often the idea of using a recruiter to find a job is swiftly dismissed. People assume a headhunter finds them and if not, they can’t try a recruitment firm. Sometimes it comes down to people believing they only place temps for a contracted time with a company. These might be common assumptions, but they are wrong.

Using a staffing agency is actually one of the best ways to find a great job, faster. You aren’t in the job search alone; instead you have a recruiter with an ear to the ground trying to place candidates in open positions in company clients. If you aren’t convinced already, here are some more benefits to using a recruiter:

Better contacts

You might have a company you’d love to work at, but no connections. That’s where your recruiter comes in. It’s his or her job to know people meaning you’ve just found your long-needed in. Rather than rely on your resume making it to top among hundreds, you have a recruiter making sure you’re seen.

Better understanding of market

As a job seeker, you likely enter the job market every few years and have to quickly become an expert in conditions. Your recruiter lives and breathes the market. They’re aware of changes and opportunities and can advise you in the decision-making process. Instead of relying on your own limited knowledge, you can trust your recruiter for advice when to take or turn down jobs.

Better interviews

Usually the job search is filled with frantic interviews at any company that will consider you without much concern to the actual opportunities. With the help of a recruiter, you’re getting in the door faster and with better recommendations. You don’t have to keep settling for anything.

Occasionally it can be the opposite problem, where on paper you seem qualified until you enter the room and suddenly it’s clear this isn’t the position for you. In either case, it can be a discouraging and frustrating waste of time. A recruiter helps to filter and make sure you’re only going to what is good for you.

Specialized areas of focus

Most staffing agencies and recruiters aren’t simply out to place anyone, anywhere. They have specific industries they work with and as a result, they know it well. Because of this, you’re working with someone who understands your experience and where you can go with it. They aren’t blindly placing you and hoping you work.

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