3 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Save You Time and Money

In your business, it can seem like you’re always in the hiring process due to varying staffing needs and turnover. Just when you wrap up for one position, someone else leaves and you have to start all over again. Or maybe a new project comes in that demands more workforce than you currently employ and you’re considering options to rapidly hire additional help.

Whatever the situation, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding are labor-intensive steps that pull you away from your other job duties. Instead of trying to balance it all, you should consider hiring a staffing agency to assist you. Working with a temp agency can actually save you a lot of stress while finding the best new hires.

1. Save time and money

Hiring a staffing firm to take the time to find the right candidates can free up your schedule and leave you the time to work on your actual job requirements. You won’t have to coordinate several schedules for an interview because the agency will handle everything for you. In fact, your team will notice a freer schedule when relieved of the hiring duty.

More than just time, you will notice a decrease in costs by working with a staffing agency. Depending on your specific employee need, you’ll get a temporary employee hired through the agency that eliminates costs on your end. Even more, you can choose to hire on a trial basis and decide if you want to keep the employee before investing money in training only to realize they aren’t a good fit.

2. Easier access to the right candidates

Staffing agencies aren’t always a one-size-fits-all operation. Many have their own areas of expertise, just like you. Finding one that works with your field means you’re hiring people who know your business almost as well as you and understand the skills needed to perform well in the open positions.

A firm spends their time looking for good candidates, but also building relationships. An opening might suddenly happen at your company and your staffing agency already knows the perfect person. Instead of posting the job, screening applicants, and starting the interview process, you can bypass everything with immediate access to the people you need.

3. Different hiring options

Most agencies offer different options for bringing a new employee to your team. Whether it’s temporary hire, trial basis, temp-to-hire, or direct hire, they have the option to fit your specific needs. They can find people to fill a temporary need or find you your next best long-term employee.

Avoid the stress with LaJoy Group

At LaJoy Group, we’re passionate about making your life easier. We’re dedicated to providing the best service, and even more, the best employees. Our focus is your needs and goals and learning what we can do to help you with staffing, home health care, and managed services. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


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