How To Attract and Retain Your Best Employees


You know the secret to a successful business involves finding and keeping the best talent at your company. As simple as this sounds, the actual attracting and retaining the best employees can be difficult. In the job process, applicants care about more than just the potential of the offer. Instead of focusing on finding the right person, try these tips make your offer more desirable:

Focus on the pay

This is one of the first items a potential hire will consider when reviewing the offer, so you need to be aware of a few considerations. First of all, make sure the pay is fair within your organization. While different levels will obviously receive different amounts, you want to keep those doing the same types of work at the same rate. Not only is this fair, failure to pay attention can cause discrimination claims from those who feel they are making less due to their gender or race.

Second, you want an offer that is competitive. Being aware of what the normal pay for the position you’re looking for is crucial to properly entice top talent instead of losing them to someone else who was willing to pay for their skills.

Create an inviting culture

You want your team to get along. Good relationships with co-workers can keep you happy at work even when the workload is crazy and other factors are affecting morale. Instead of feeling like they’re in it alone, your employees will have a comradery that can help them weather the storm.

A common question candidates ask in interviews is about flexibility with working from home. In today’s world telecommuting is a common option many companies offer, and employees appreciate the work-life balance this creates for them. Not only will telling them they have the option to do their work from home encourage them to accept the position, it will keep them happier, longer at your company.

Hire good managers

Happy employees appreciate feedback, recognition, and environment where they don’t feel micromanaged. If you want to keep your best people longer, promote leaders within your organization who understand your culture and the best management styles.

If you are a manager, stay engaged without telling an employee how to do their job out of turn. They want to know you’re there for them without taking over their work. Let them know when they’re doing a good job on the spot instead of waiting until a review period.

Find the best talent

The first step to retaining the best talent is finding it, and we have a solution for you. LaJoy Group is one of the most trusted staffing agencies and home health companies in Michigan. We provide people throughout the southwest, and we’re ready to find your next team member today!


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