How to Tailor Your Resume for Specific Positions

A general resume is a good starting point, but it should never serve as the only one you submit. Depending on your goals and the job you’re applying for, you should customize your resume to make sure it best shows why you’re qualified for that position in particular. By giving a hiring manager what they’re looking for, you can capture their attention and keep your name at the top of the list. Here a few tips about tailoring your resume for the following fields of home health care, clerical, manufacturing, and professional work.

Home health care

The skills you need to showcase aren’t only that you can do it, but you’re capable of handling the different situations with patience of empathy. If you have experience, list where you’ve worked and your responsibilities, as well as how you engaged with your patients and what you learned in the role. When it’s your first job, use seemingly unrelated positions to showcase why you have the skills for the role.


When writing your clerical resume, you should consider using a chronological or functional format. If your career path leads to a clerking position, chronological can show your growth and express what you’ve done to get you to this point. As your first foray into the clerical world, a functional resume allows you to list what you’ve done and the most important skills you have related to the position first. The benefit of this is what you can do can outshine your lack of related experience.


With manufacturing, two of the most important areas to highlight is your ability to learn and adapt as well as your commitment to safety. Technology changes every day, so it’s important to show you can keep up with the other candidates. Additionally, safety is paramount and expressing how and why it’s important to you can make you a viable candidate.


Diving into the professional world is all about showing you can work well in an office environment. If you’ve previously worked in professional settings, showcasing this is easy. When transitioning into the field, use your other jobs to show how you can apply that to an office setting. For example, if you worked in a movie theater and now you want to be a receptionist, you can discuss how you organized operational paperwork and were trusted to handle money. These can say a lot about your abilities and skills even in a different environment.

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