What To Expect When You Start Working With a Temp Agency

When life changes and you find yourself looking for a new job, you want an opportunity that comes quickly and can keep you afloat. Many people will settle for a retail or restaurant job while spending their free time applying, but there’s another option.

Working with temporary staffing firm provides numerous benefits when you need a job. Instead of spending hours looking and applying, the temp agency will learn more about you and find you placements in relevant industries where they feel you’ll be a good fit. It might not be your long-term solution, but it can be incredibly helpful when you find yourself in need. Here’s what you can expect when you start working with a temp agency:

They’ll expect you to be honest

When you first go in, it will probably be a several hour process. You’ll need your resume or time to spend creating one. They’ll learn all about your hard skills and where you’ve worked, but they’ll also want to know about soft skills as well. This simply means they’ll want to know about the different environments you’ve worked in and if you thrived. For example, what kind of office experience do you have? Do you work well in a fast-paced setting?

It’s tempting to say yes to these questions, but honesty is crucial for finding you the best placement. The staffing agency wants to find the best solution for both you and the company and even a little white lie can lead to problems for all.

You’ll likely get placed quickly

In many job settings, it can take weeks to get started after you’ve been hired due to paperwork and onboarding. With a temp agency, you can start the next day. They handle much of the back end and work with the company to get you placed quickly and efficiently to help the company. Be prepared to get a call and start a new job almost immediately.

Feedback is common

The goal of a staffing firm is success for all parties. Because of this, during and after each placement it’s likely they’ll offer you feedback based on what they’ve heard from the company. They want you to be successful and to grow with each placement and this is part of that process.

Find a temporary agency you can trust

Most importantly, you want to find an agency you know is going to work for your best interests and will offer good placements. LaJoy Group is a top employment agency in Michigan and we’ve built up trust with employers and job seekers. Tell us your skills, experience, and goals, and we’ll match your qualifications to the right positon.

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