How To Minimize Turnover In Your Business

Turnover is an inevitable part of a business and mostly can’t be taken personally. For a number of reasons, your employees will decide to leave. While many of these reasons fall out of your control, there are some steps you can take to minimize turnover in your business.

Show you care about your employees

This most likely didn’t come as a shock, but it’s vitally important to discuss. Humans want to feel valued and often they miss this feeling at work. Showing care is about more than developing relationships (although that is important). It includes a number of other things, such as:

  • Listening to them – this demonstrates a respect for them and makes them feel valued
  • Promote work-life balance – flexibility is key in the modern workplace and permitting varying start times and days off can keep your employees less stressed and more loyal
  • Offer good benefits – A comprehensive package shows your employees you care about their well being, whereas cheap plans can show just how much they seem to matter to you

Provide feedback

This is one way millennials are changing the face of the workforce for the better. They crave more than just an annual review, wishing to hear about how they did well or how they can improve in most tasks. Taking the time to acknowledge a job well done or provide some constructive criticism shows your team you’re invested and not a closed-door kind of boss.

Have in office parties

Most of your life will be spent working, so it might as well be fun. Observe common traditions and schedule themed parties for everyone to be a part of in your office. Not only does this provide a break, it helps your employees develop relationships among themselves, creating a better culture. Most importantly, lead by example. Wear a Halloween costume and participate in Secret Santa.

Offer training and allow your team to train

You should always encourage your team to grow their knowledge, both to help themselves and your company. Additionally, you should allow your people to be thought leaders. Do you have someone with a beneficial area of knowledge? Have him or her lead a training and present them as an expert. Both offering training and empowering your employees to train will make them feel more valued and accountable.

Start with the right people

Ultimately, to keep a good team you need to hire a good team. At LaJoy Group, we’re one of the most trusted staffing agencies in Michigan because we know how to find and deliver the best. We can match you with the top temporary or permanent hires to meet your needs and help your business excel.

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