6 Reasons You Should Work with a Recruiter When Looking for a New Career

Realizing it’s time to search for a new career causes many varying emotions. After going through the process several times, a common one is a dread in realizing the potentially long road ahead. The months of applications, interviews and waiting to hear back can be draining, especially when you’re ready to leave your current position.

Knowing how strenuous the process can be, maybe it’s time to try a different way that could land you with better results in a shorter time frame. Instead of struggling alone through the search, here are six reasons you should try a recruiter.

1. Broaden your search

Searching for positions online can yield a lot of results, but one misused keyword and your dream job might not be listed for you. If you work with a recruiter, not only do you find the jobs that look good online, but many more through the connections of the staffing agency.

2. Interview less

With someone working between you and the company, you’ll be matched to the places where you’re the most qualified and have the best chance of employment. Instead of interviewing countless times for jobs that seem like the right fit, you can trust the recruiter to find the opportunities that are actually right for you.

3. Impress your potential new employer

Using a recruiter can indicate to an employer how serious you are about trying to find the right fit for you. It shows you as an active candidate pursuing your new career instead of waiting for one to maybe work out. Show off your true initiative when it matters most.

4. More money

A recruiter can also work as a mediator for you, which means someone in your corner negotiating your offer. He or she will have the experience and industry knowledge to look at the job, field and your skills to make sure you’re receiving the best pay and benefits and might be able to get you more than initially thought.

5. Find a new job faster

Because you’re being matched to the right positions, hiring a recruiter can reduce the time it would normally take to find a new position. Limit the hours you spend applying by trusting your recruiter to put you in the right interviews and lead you on the right path.

6. Take the stress out of the search

After reading through tips 1-5, it’s no surprise number 6 is that it removes the stress from the search. A recruiter makes it easier for you to focus on what matters in life while they do the connections, lining up the right position for you in less time.

Convinced? Try LaJoy Group

It’s time for you to try a different approach in your job search. At LaJoy, we’re here to show you why these reasons and more make using a recruiter the smart choice. Find your recruiter today!

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