Are You Doing Everything You Can To Retain Your Top Employees so You Don’t Lose Them?

Finding the right candidate is a challenge considering the competitive workforce. Top talent is often desired by others, making the extension of the offer only the beginning of your battle. Once you have the best, you want to make sure you can keep them from seeking another employer.

Gone are days of complete company loyalty, where employees stayed with their organizations through retirement. The entrance of millennials in the workforce caused a shift not only in longevity with an organization, but what is desired in a good work environment. With one in four workers planning to change jobs within the next year, here are three considerations to make sure you’re doing everything to keep your employees longer:

1. Pay them well

While this seems obvious, it’s sometimes easy to cut corners where possible and this can include raises and promotions. CareerBuilder completed a survey of more than 6,000 workers in the United States and found that 70 percent believes an increased salary is the most enticing way to enhance retention. But it’s more than just extra cash in their pockets – an increase in salary shows your employee you value them and the work they do for you. It makes them feel appreciated, potentially inspiring more loyalty.

2. Allow flexibility in positions

Work-life balance is becoming more of a priority in the workforce, and a simple way to show your employees you value their time. For years, 9-5 was the expected norm but now it has fallen away in place of companies providing flexible schedules. This means more hours outside of the traditional, less strict PTO policies and the opportunity to work remotely. Studies have shown that this willingness to work with your employees makes them happier and more productive.

Instead of forcing your employees to work how you think they should, give them the freedom to work around their lives (with a level of accountability) and you’ll see them sticking around longer and better business results for you.

3. Make them feel valued

The first two reasons will show your team they’re important to you, but there are simple day-to-day ways to make them feel valued at your company. Simply taking an interest in their work and offering feedback, both positive and negative, will show them you are invested in them.

Find Top Talent Today

The steps to keep your employees aren’t overly complicated, but they’re vitally important for your success as a business. Now that you know how to keep your top talent, it’s time to find them. Trust LaJoy Group with your staffing needs. Our proven methods can bring you the best candidates, ensuring your success. Find out how LaJoy can help you today.


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