Beyond the Dollar Series #6: Visit from a Mobile Car Wash

When your team is performing exceptionally well but it’s not in the budget to provide substantial raises or bonuses, you want meaningful ways to show them they’re appreciated. This month in Beyond the Dollar, we’re covering a unique and exciting way to express your gratitude to your team. The concept is simple: reserve a mobile car wash to come to your business. 

What is a mobile car wash?

As the name suggests, a mobile car wash is one that comes to you. Instead of finding time in your schedule to go to a car wash and frequently wait in line, you can reserve the car wash to arrive at your house instead.

Why is it valuable?

Everyone loves driving a clean car, although finding the time and resources for the wash is frequently hard to do. When you hire a company to come to you for your employees, you’re making taking the stress out of the process and meeting something that maybe isn’t a need, but it’s an enjoyable practice. 

How do I create this program?

First, you want to find a company in your area that can facilitate and bring the car wash to you. Once you know their availability, look into pricing and services to determine exactly what you want to offer your team.

Next, decide who will qualify for the reward and what they have to do. You’ll also need to decide exactly how much you want to give and whether it’s just an exterior cleaning or detailing as well. Once you’ve figured out these specifics, it’s time to tell your team your plan and get them motivated.


Once you have the system for the mobile car wash set up, it can become more of a regular thank you to members of your team to express ab extra piece of gratitude. A car is always going to get dirty, so bringing a mobile car wash to your site regularly can keep your team motivated for the free washes.

LaJoy Group listens to you

As an employer, you know the value in making sure your team feels heard. That’s what we’re all about at LaJoy Group. We listen to your needs, priorities, challenges, and successes to see how we can best help. Our 8-Step Service Delivery Process is a systematic approach to selection, screening, and assessment that leads to better employees on your team. Learn more about how our process can help you reach your goals today!

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