Your First Choice Declined the Job Offer, Now What?

The ideal scenario in the hiring process is you quickly find the perfect candidate who is equally excited about the opportunity at your company and accepts the offer without hesitation. It’s ideal because it’s rarely the real-life experience.

Finding quality candidates usually takes longer than expected and then once an offer is out there, you have to wait for them to consider or counter. Even worse, sometimes they don’t accept at all. What do you do when your first choice declines the job offer?

Find out why

Before you make any other moves or decisions, find out why they said no to your offer. In some situations, you may be able to work with them to reach a compromise relating to salary or benefits that will convince them to stay.

If they’ve said no because they have a different offer they’re more passionate about, it’s wise to let them go. They might be perfect for the role at your company, but if their heart isn’t in it, you won’t see the results you want regardless.

Figure out ways to improve your offer

Whether you’re trying to get them to change their mind and thinking ahead to the next option, you want to make sure you’re supplying an offer that is enticing. You only have a certain amount of space in the budget for the actual salary, but that’s not all you can provide.

Consider different types of improvements, including more PTO, flexible work hours, telecommuting, gym memberships, etc. that aren’t astronomical costs but give a candidate more reason to say yes to you.

Move on to another candidate

If you can’t give them the salary and benefits they want or they’re more passionate about another opportunity, it’s time to move on. Hopefully, you have at least two other strong contenders that will do the job well.

You want to move as quickly as possible in sending out the revised offer so you don’t lose them to another company or face the same situation that happened before.

Try working with a staffing agency

An in-house HR department is limited by the number of applicants received, but staffing agencies have a pipeline of qualified talent waiting to be placed. Instead of settling for an okay team member, partner with a recruiter to expand your options.

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