Should you Accept the Water in the Interview?

A common thread among nearly all interviews is the offer of a beverage, whether it’s coffee, water, or soda. The moment you’re asked, you become paralyzed with fear, not sure what the proper response is. You might really want a glass of water, but you don’t want to be seen as a bother. Or perhaps you aren’t thirsty at all, but you don’t want to make them feel better. Instead of panicking and looking like a deer in the headlights, consider why you should say yes to water. 

Support their hospitality

Even if you’re more inclined to say “no” to the water for one reason or another, consider it from this perspective. When you have guests over and offer them a beverage, it creates a feeling of comfortability in the atmosphere. On the contrary, when they say no, there’s an awkward feeling of what happens now.

While an interview isn’t lacking for conversation, the beverage at the beginning can still serve as a way to help break the ice and be more comfortable with each other. You can’t focus on being a bother if you say yes, because they offered.

You might actually need a drink

It’s hard to tell how your body is going to physically respond in an interview setting, especially depending on the temperature of the room. Having water on hand could prove vital if you begin to sweat or your throat dries up. Even if you feel fine at the beginning, remember what’s to come and allow yourself to be prepared.

What you shouldn’t do

Being offered water or a can of soda is one thing but consider saying no to coffee. Even if it really sounds wonderful, it will take time out of both your schedules and cut into the interview time. If you really want it after it’s offered, ask if it will take long because you want to respect the interviewer’s time and if they want a cup themselves. If they do, this is another step in helping to develop a connection. You can also ask for a glass of water instead as well.

Even though you know water can make you both feel more comfortable, you shouldn’t ask for it unless it’s offered. This can make them feel like they don’t have something and a little bit annoyed at your assumption you should provide something.

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