Consider Learning a New Language to Improve Your Career Opportunities

Learning a new language is known for to have many benefits, beyond just giving you the ability to communicate in a foreign tongue. The brain loves the extended skill set, functioning on higher levels in a number of areas, including clarity, decision-making, and memory. It can even improve your career opportunities.


Better chance of receiving an offer


When an employer sees you’re multilingual, they’re going to find you more attractive. Some businesses are looking to expand into foreign countries, and knowing you can help them might be what gets you the job.


Even if they don’t operate outside the United States, knowing how language improves overall brain function can convey to an employer you’re driven and a good asset for the team.


Expanded job opportunities


Not being limited by one language means you can begin to think outside the box. You aren’t limited to the standard geographical limits and can look into other countries and organizations that line up with the language you speak.


Staying domestic opens doors as companies need people who can speak different languages to communicate with the diverse population of the U.S.


More opportunity to advance


With the added benefit of knowing a different language, your company might promote you. There are roles that might deal with speaking in a language you know, and they could be perfect for you.


If you want to advance in your company and foreign relations are a part of that growth, focus your learning on a language that will make that dream a reality.


Increased salary


Because more employers are looking for multilingual employees, you become a prime selection for them. As a result, they’re willing to pay more for it. The BRIC Language Systems reported that those who speak a foreign language see an increase in their salary between 10 and 15 percent.


Matching talent to opportunity


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