Spruce up Your Resume With These 3 Tips

Your resume can serve as your ticket into a company, but it can also be the barrier that keeps you out. You know the importance of keeping it clear-cut and proofreading it several times, but what else can you do to spruce up your resume?


Use action words instead of passive language


When discussing previous positions and experience, it’s easy to slip into a passive tone by using “to be” verbs. This means when saying what you used to do, you’re describing it like “I was a project coordinator. While there’s technically no grammatical error, it doesn’t convey a sense of excitement.


To make your experience come alive, focus on making the words full of action. Start each point with a verb describing what you did instead of falling into passive language about what you’ve done. For example, if you designed flyers for a specific campaign, say that!


Instead of “I was a designer for the XYZ campaign,” start with “Designed 14 flyers for the XYZ campaign for the purpose of generating awareness and announcing key platform points.” The point is the same, but when it’s action words, it stands out.


Include industry language


Be careful here, the goal isn’t to slip into a jargon-heavy resume. Don’t refer to yourself as a marketing guru or writing wizard.


Many employers will use an automated process to scan through resumes, looking for specific keywords that indicate you have some combination of what the employer wants. Research these words and adjust your resume for each opportunity. This simple update can give you a much better chance of making it through the first cut.


Highlight your big accomplishments


These might (and should) be included in your experience section, but making the really big accomplishments stand out can give you an edge. When you highlight what you’ve done in a noticeable way, it’s the first thing that will draw the eye. Instead of having to skim through everything, the employer will instantly see what you’re capable of and put you at the top of the stack.


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