Don’t Give Up On Your New Years Resolutions! Learn a New Skill to Further Your Career

It’s the end of February and by now many people have fallen away from their New Year’s Resolutions. Even if this applies to you, it doesn’t mean the rest of the year has to be a bust. You still have plenty of time to make a difference in your life, including dedicating yourself to learning a new skill to help further your career. Here’s why you should try:


Learning helps you learn more


When you learn something new and practice it, your brain chemistry begins to change. The myelin in the brain becomes dense which means you’re going to perform better on additional tasks. Thus, the more you learn, the better your ability to keep picking up new skills.


If you want to advance in your career, your ability and desire to learn are crucial to show you’re dedicated to moving up the ladder.


Learning improves your adaptation skills


Change is an inevitable part of life and usually it’s really challenging. The less you set your mind to learning, the more likely it is that you’ll struggle. Learning something new allows certain perceptions and even your mind to change, meaning you’re already setting yourself up to better adapt to change.


One of the biggest changes you’ll face in life is a career change, but if you want to further your career, you have to face it. By making yourself learn new things, you’re better preparing for the necessary changes your future requires.


Learning keeps you from getting bored


If you’ve been at your job for a while, doing the same things day after day, it might feel a bit monotonous. Boredom might set in, making it harder to be productive at work and potentially even draining your drive.


When you start learning something new, your brain has something exciting to process and it snaps you out of the cycle of being bored. Suddenly you have new energy to devote to performing on the job and potentially new ways to get your job done.


Learning makes you interesting


Networking is an important part of advancing in your career but having nothing to talk about in a conversation will definitely hold you back. By challenging yourself to learn something new, you’ll find you have more to talk about and conversely more to relate to other people with. The more you know, the more you have to talk about, which may then mean the more people want to listen.


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