Improve Your Communication Skills to Rise Up in Your Company’s Ranks

Career advancement depends on a number of factors, including drive, talent, and opportunity. Another one that can’t be overlooked is communication. The ability to communicate well with co-workers and supervisors at every level is essential to moving up in your company’s ranks. Here are some tips to help you improve your communication skills in 2019:


Become a good listener


The first and most important key to becoming a good communicator is to become a good listener. Communication is a two-way street, meaning how you convey a message is only one half of the issue. Learning to listen will help you in how you communicate, because you’ll pay more attention to what people are saying.


Don’t forget about your body


Similar to the importance of listening, nonverbal communication is an equal partner in the process. If your body doesn’t match your words, so, for example, you’re saying you’re fine while tightly wringing your hands, people may not believe what you have to say. A good place to start is to sit up straight – hunching can convey a lack of confidence or concern about a subject. Always try to think about what your body is saying.


Read your audience


You have your style of communication, but it doesn’t mean it works for everyone. It’s important to know who you’re talking to and adjust as necessary. The more you listen, the better you’ll be at understanding your audience and adapting your conversation to fit his or her style.


Don’t say too much


Overexplaining is always tempting because you want to make sure you’re completely understood. Trying to say too much, however, can ruin your point and leave the person more confused than before.


But make sure you’re saying enough


Conversely to the point above, sometimes you will have to say more to make sure people understand your idea. This doesn’t mean endless rambling in an over explanation; it means realizing ahead of time different perspectives and thoughts might be needed so you have them prepared.


Reread everything you send


Not all communication is face to face and doing well over email is just as important. Be sure to reread everything, not just to check for typos, but also to monitor tone. Especially if your emotions are high, you want to make sure you aren’t coming off as unprofessional.


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