How To Find Out What a Company’s Culture is Really Like – Before Taking a Job Offer

One of the most important considerations when accepting a job offer is thinking about how you would fit in with the company culture. More than anything, the right fit can determine your happiness and general contentment. Being employed by the wrong company can leave you feeling like something is off. The question is how do you learn about the culture before you start working there?

A company’s culture might be well known enough that you interview knowing you would be an excellent fit. In some cases, you can even find information online that sheds a little more light in the conversation. A third option is to ask strategic questions during the interview to learn more.

When are your busiest times of year?

While you might be told about insane work hours during the interview as a warning, you might not. This question allows you to learn about when the company is busy and what the standard schedule looks like. You can also learn a lot from a person’s response, like if they seem overwhelmed or cynical.

How often are there meetings?

Communication is key, and you want to know you’re working for an organization that values it as well. By learning about meetings, you can determine if you’ll be an isolated team member or part of weekly brainstorming sessions.

Why are you proud to work here?

By putting the interviewer on the spot, you can get a real feel for their answer and if it’s a canned response or something they actually believe.

If you could change one thing about the company, what would it be?

No one thinks they work for a perfect company, but this answer could be telling. Depending on what your goals and aspirations, you might see a glaring hole that interrupts your plans or hear words of affirmation that you know it’s a good fit.

How important is feedback in this organization?

Here you can learn about the value of feedback and whether it’s given in both positive and constructive situations. If the interviewer says they don’t do much or only when something needs corrected, you might have your answer about whether you should accept any potential offers.

Do you have any flexible work options?

With the 9 to 5 work schedule becoming less important, it’s important to know when, if possible, a company offers alternative scheduling. Understanding that employees are more content and productive with the opportunity for flexible schedules, allowing it at their company could indicate a dedication to employee satisfaction.

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