What Else Do Candidates Want Besides a Higher Salary?

Do candidates care about anything other than getting paid more? Turns out, the answer is yes. A Glassdoor survey from 2017 found that 80% of employees would actually prefer more benefits to more money. The workforce is evolving and with it is what people actually want out of a job. Here are a few examples:

Focus on wellness

With more employees focusing on their wellness, you can use this as a leveraging tool in both finding and keeping talent. Even better, this can look like many different things depending on your company size and overall budget. Some companies have gyms in their office or offer discounted or free gym memberships.

If this is too much for your business, some wellness programs to consider are:

  • Providing healthy snacks in the kitchen
  • Reimbursing athletic purchases up to a certain amount
  • On site yoga and meditation classes

Flexible hours

Fractl found in a study that 88% of people would choose a lower salary if it meant flexible hours. The 9 to 5 schedule is slowly fading away as more companies embrace the idea of flexible work hours. For some positions, this isn’t a reality but when possible, it’s a nice feature to offer employees. They feel less stressed in their own life while still getting all of their work done.

Health insurance

This one is more challenging because of the expense to an employer, but it’s the most important benefit to those in the American workforce. If you already have a plan loved by employees, excellent! If not, ask for feedback about the plan and see what can be done to adjust.


With the estimated cost of retirement surpassing $700,000, it’s easy to understand why this is a top requested benefit. Future planning might be a far-off thought, but laying the foundation isn’t. Offering retirement options, like 401(K) and matching plans, is an important consideration.

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