Insights on Why a Great Work Culture Is Important To job Seekers

Workplace culture is a phrase used so frequently some view it as a passing fad instead of understanding its importance. It’s true that its popularity has recently grown thanks to an evolving workforce, with younger generations expecting a different office environment. Because of this, some employers are quick to dismiss it because of the usual negative response to millennial considerations. Instead of focusing on why this is suddenly a concern, it’s time to consider why it’s important to focus on your company culture for job seekers.

Better identity, improved image

At the root of your company should be a strong identity or understanding of what you do and who you are. From this, an image projects that other people see. In an ideal scenario, these two concepts match up perfectly and who you think you are is how others see you.

When you don’t define your identity and make it known throughout your company, your employees will work almost without a larger mission outside of doing their job. There’s no dedication to your cause. You want their buy-in because in turn, candidates will see and learn about this passion through your image and want to work for your company.

Appeal to millennials

Before millennials aged onto the work scene, the standard work life was set with normal sitting desks and a 9 to 5 schedule. People stayed at a company for decades without asking themselves if they were happy or fulfilled. Now, new hires are looking for so much more out of their career, including a positive company culture. They want to spend their time in a place that feels healthy. If you don’t care about your culture, it’s likely that this young talent base will pass on job offers in search of something else.

Content employees and lower turnover

If an applicant comes in to interview and notices everyone seems unhappy, it’s unlikely they’ll be enthusiastic about working for your company. Similarly, learning about a high turnover rate might make them cautious before accepting an offer.

By improving your company culture, you will find your employees are overall more satisfied and as a result, more likely to stay longer. These are great selling points when attracting new talent because you can show you’re a company where people actually want to work,

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