3 Tips to Finding Great Talent Using Facebook

Looking for candidates on social media isn’t exactly a new thing, considering the ability to search on LinkedIn. Facebook, however, seems like an unlikely avenue until you consider the facts. Unlike the professional social platform, Facebook sees 2 billion users every month. LinkedIn claims about 125 million. Not only can you reach more people, you might be finding more job seekers. Here are three tips to help you start recruiting on Facebook.

Make engaging posts

If you want candidates to find and be interested in your job opportunities, you need to make them stand out. Like all of your social content, it should be engaging, meaning they stop people while scrolling and make them want to act.

Another idea is to promote certain job ads to your desired demographic. Facebook makes it simple to target based on interests, background, age, and more, meaning you can place your ad directly in front of the best candidates.

Monitor comments

In general, it will be very important to stay up to date with notifications on your page once you start promoting careers and recruiting. Check the comments on your job posts frequently to see if anyone asked a question or perhaps tagged someone else. These can provide great leads to help you narrow in on your next great hire.

Try a career-focused page

If you look at your posting strategies and decide you don’t want to clog your feed, creating a separate page for careers might be the way to go. This way, you have all the space to promote your company and the current openings. Employees can leave job reviews to help those seeking to understand the culture better. If a candidate is very interested in your business, they can like and follow you here to make sure they always know when openings occur.

Try LaJoy Group today

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