Keys To Finding Talent in a Tight Labor Market

Recent job trends indicate that more employers are having difficulty filling positions, with almost 40 percent citing issues. The talent businesses are looking for doesn’t seem to exist and as a result, those who are qualified find themselves in a tight labor market full of intense competition. As an employer, you need to know how to navigate these tight quarters without losing hires.

Look Within Your Organization

Instead of trying to find new hires to bring in, consider the talent you already have. This can work in two ways. First, start by having good employee engagement. They might be tempted to look for employment elsewhere, so you need to show them why and how they’re a valuable part of your team.

Second, develop those already employed. Look for other skills in your team and help them grow professionally. Then, when a position opens up, you have more qualified people to turn to without even looking outside your business.

Get Flexible

If you do choose to hire externally, be prepared for demands. Many of the top candidates know how much leverage they have, and they will use it to their advantage. Hear what they’re looking for and try to offer creative solutions. Some demands might be too much, but others might work if you’re willing to be flexible.

Improve Your Culture

A simple way to make candidates want to work for you is by improving your employee value proposition, or EVP. This can be accomplished through improving the culture in your workspace. Most people aren’t looking for a good job with a miserable culture; they want the whole package. With some focus and dedication, you can turn your company into a desirable one to work at.

Offer More

Finally, in a tight labor market, you must always be prepared to offer more money. With applicants likely receiving other offers, you need to be ready to give what you’re willing to pay for top talent. Failure to accommodate this may cause you to lose hire after hire as they seek better offers.

Try Working With a Staffing Agency

In a tight market, a staffing company might just have what you’re looking for. Consider LaJoy Group, an agency focused in general staffing, home health care, and managed services. We’re dedicated to matching talent to opportunity, meaning we can find who you need today.


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