Red Flags To Watch For When Conducting Interviews

If you’ve conducted many interviews, it’s likely you can spot if one is going well or headed for disaster. There are certain clues that help you see how your candidate is feeling that can be telling about their behavior on the whole. Knowing these signs can help you avoid hiring someone who turns out to be completely wrong. Pay attention to these red flags when interviewing:

They’re late

While certain emergencies and circumstances outside of a candidates control can occur, most of the time being late is an immediate red flag. It can show a lack of planning on their end to allot the proper amount of time to arrive. Even worse, it can express they don’t really care enough about the position or your time to make the effort to avoid being late.

They’re blame-shifters

When asking about a time where they experienced challenges or failures, pay attention to how they discuss the issue. Even if it isn’t completely in their control, there should be some level of accepting the responsibility which is a sign of maturity. By accusing others of getting in their way or causing delays that pushed back their projects, you can see if someone simply shifts the blame in an attempt to make themselves look better.

They don’t have the details

You’re going through their resume and cover letter, asking about specific things they’ve listed, yet you can’t seem to get the follow-up you desire. In most cases, these are easy questions for candidates to answer about their pasts. If a candidate isn’t able to provide these details, you might want to consider whether or not this person is even telling the truth.

They don’t know anything about you

One of the first rules a candidate should follow about an interview is learning as much as possible about the company. Most will do this even without the need – he or she wants to know more about their next possible employer. When an applicant strolls in ignorant of what your organization does or anything else about it, it can show their apathy or arrogance, depending on their attitude. Either way, this might not be the right candidate for you.

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