How You Can Use Social Media To Engage With Your Employees

It’s likely that in 2018 a large majority of your workforce is using social media. Instead of ignoring this fact, embracing it could prove beneficial for your company culture and workforce. There are many ways to engage with your employees using social media, and here are a few ideas:

First you need to have a policy

Before you begin promoting employee engagement initiatives over social, you should have a social media policy in place to avoid any issues. It can include usage at work, adding co-workers, friending managers, etc. Having this can avoid any gray areas that might arise through your efforts and keep your employees from defending excessive use by claiming they were engaging.

Find the right platform

Fortunately, you have your choice when it comes to finding the right option for your company. Popular options include Facebook Groups where you can create a targeted area for your team to share and collaborate that’s closed off to those not employed by your company.

Similarly, you can create groups on Twitter to help recognize employees across the site and encourage engagement by tagging them in tweets and having them reply or retweet.

More than the traditional social, other sites offer options to keep your team connected. Salesforce has its Chatter option where you can create pages related to specific topics or departments. Skype and Google both offer video and chatting services. Instant messaging software is an easy way to encourage quick communication in the office.

Talk to marketing

Because what you’re doing involves social media, include marketing in the conversation. They’ll have the best insight as to what works best for your team and can assist in setting everything up. They can always find more ways to engage employees on public channels and boost up how your company is doing online through their engagement as well.

Use in monitoring

While you don’t want to encourage social media use only to use it against employees, it can prove helpful in looking for sentiment or opinion toward the job. By engaging online, you can see what they’re sharing and potentially gain insight about how they feel about their job and the company.

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