How Are You Ensuring Staff Happiness? Here are Some Great Ideas to Implement Today!

Keeping your employees happy is about more than your concern for their feelings. Some employers may dismiss the idea that worrying about staff happiness is a millennial ideal, but they’re failing to see the overall benefits that come from working toward a good company culture.

When your team is happier on the job, they’re more likely to be invested and dedicated to their work. They’ll want to work harder and be more productive, leading to better results for your business. If you think you could do better, try these ideas to ensure staff happiness today!

Promote open communication

One of the easiest ways to make your team happier is to simply be transparent. Employees want to feel like a valued part of your company and keeping the communication lines open can show them you care enough to not only keep them in the loop, but to hear from them as well. Not only will they like and respect you more, they’ll feel more goodwill toward the company.

Shake things up

The workplace can get a little boring, especially if you operate in an office flooded with fluorescent lights. All it takes is a little variety to shake your team out of a potential funk and back into a productive and motivated team. Occasionally bring in a cake for a break or plan a theme day. Try hosting bagel Fridays or pizza Wednesdays. Find out what works with best with your team and try to break up the routine. Even better, these things can encourage your staff to socialize, allowing them to develop better relationships and feel more content at work.

Improve your company culture

If you don’t have a warm and welcoming company culture, your employees will never really experience happiness in the workplace. You can improve your culture through transparency and variety, but those are only two ways. Talk to your team about the culture and see if there are ways you could improve. Plus, a good company culture attracts new talent.

Manage well

A good manager does more than produce results – they lead well. This goes beyond the bottom line, starting with treating his or her people well. Your employees will be happier if your managers work to recognize good work and empower others to do the same. They want a manager who listens and trusts them to do their job and doesn’t only talk to them to criticize or discipline.

Help solve your workforce management challenges

Keeping employees happy is just one problem a company faces. Work with LaJoy Group to take the human resources and administrative burden off your hands. Request a consultation today!

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