How To Use Facebook Jobs To Drive Applications

Facebook is a huge social media platform, boasting user accounts that represent over one-quarter of the world’s population. From these users, over 1 billion log into the site daily, making them active users. Because of this, companies already use the site frequently to post updates, engage the community, and advertise to targeted users. While many see the benefits for reaching people this way, Facebook recently launched a new feature to help businesses connect with job seekers.

The aptly named Facebook Jobs function allows its users to search through a database of jobs and quickly apply using profile information. While these features are similar to LinkedIn, the benefit is reaching a more ‘blue-collar’ audience. LinkedIn still provides more in-depth features for showing your experience, but many workers who aren’t looking to impress recruiters forgo the site entirely or put minimal effort into their account.

Reach candidates where they are

Facebook’s research found that 40% of small businesses have a difficult time filling open positions compared to what they expected. It also found that in the United States, one in four people have already either found a job or searched for one using Facebook. These statistics show how Facebook is perfectly placed to bridge the gap between job seekers and searching businesses.

A large majority of the applicants you’re looking for are likely checking their Facebook at least once a day. With Facebook jobs, you can find them where they are and easily reach them.

Engage your desired audience several ways

With Facebook Jobs, you have different options to get your postings out there for users to find. Similar to all job boards, you can use the Jobs tab to simply share your posting where it can be searched for and applied to without a problem. You can promote your job openings and set the audience to place the ad right in front of the people you want like you already do with Facebook ads.

These new features also make it easier for people to find work with you. You can list your open jobs right on your page, allowing those interested in your company to quickly see what you have available for them at any given time. Additionally, they can track your positions through your page and be alerted when something new develops.

Begin finding applicants today

While this is still a new feature, Facebook Jobs seems like it’s a great solution to connect companies and candidates where they already spend their time. Explore the options today and develop a plan for reaching more people for your company.

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