Important Tips On Using Technology to Find Top Candidates

Technology has become a dominant force that reaches into almost every aspect of life. Most industries are touched by these advancements and more work is being done through software and online than ever before. The speed and convenience offered by technology can even impact your hiring process.

The Internet has revolutionized the process of applying for jobs as well as the method for selecting clients. Your position being publicly available for the world to see is helpful in reaching more people, but this access invites more applicants and resumes for you to wade through. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some important tips for using technology to find top candidates.

Embrace the features job sites offer you

Being proactive can help you solve staffing needs before they exist. This strategy is beneficial for recruiters and in-house HR departments. Job board sites often come with unique search features designed to help match companies with ideal candidates.

For example, Indeed has an Advanced Resume Search feature where you browse the more than 90 million resumes currently on their site. The functionality allows you to look for specific key words related to experience, education and location, creating the perfect filter to suit your needs. By finding candidates ahead of time, you’re ready when turnover inevitably occurs.

Targeting candidates where they are

In the past, you would share a job posting and hope people found it. Now, you can promote it to the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Targeted advertisements allow you to get your chosen message directly in front of the candidates you desire most. You can even do it across different platforms, from apps to Facebook and every site in between.

Speaking of Facebook, did you know the platform now has a jobs feature? LinkedIn is the professional social networking site, but Facebook reaches more people.

Think about the candidate experience

One survey of job seekers found that 60% had what was classified as a “poor candidate experience.” From that group, 42% said they’d never apply to work for that company again and 22% said they’d tell their friends to do the same. With numbers like that, you need to be careful. Technology can improve a candidate’s experience, making them look at your company more favorably. Simple steps like streamlining your online application and sending automatic responses and updates can make all the difference.

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