Are You Ensuring Your Employees Are Using Their Vacation Time?

Company culture contributes to whether employees feel they can take vacation time. It can be a matter of policy and how much is provided or if workload permits. Despite giving time, some employers make it difficult to get time approved and make it seem like an issue should someone request a day off.

While countries in Europe have laws enforcing paid time off, in the United States, there is no such commandment. It is at the employer’s discretion whether they provide anything at all. Despite this, giving your employees time away is actually beneficial to your company.

You have happier employers

Everyone needs a break sometimes. By offering leave and encouraging employees to use it, they will feel more valued and appreciative of your company. Plus, the opportunity to recharge can help them come back ready to perform and work harder than before.

If you make it challenging for people to take time off, you might find your employees are more resentful and completely drained. The logic of producing more work by having them in the office falls short when you compare it to the necessity of a break to keep firing on all cylinders.

You’ll see more internal advancement

The perception is likely that staying chained to your desk is the key to climbing up the corporate ladder, but in reality, those breaks make all the difference. A study found those who take time off have a better chance of a raise and promotion. Ensuring people take that time will give you more productive employees, and you’ll see them working harder to advance.

Despite these facts, some might still think the key to advancement is never taking a break and proving their dedication by never leaving the office. Take time to acknowledge their work and encourage them to take some well-deserved time off, explaining the benefits. It’s crucial to make sure your employees understand it’s okay to take a vacation.

You’ll save money

If you aren’t encouraging your employees to take their vacation time, you’re potentially paying them more in the end. On average, when an employee leaves a company, they’re owed almost $2,000 in accrued paid time off. Large companies fare worse, with more than $2,500 per employee.

The simple encouragement of employees to use their time will save you money and you’ll see better results from your refreshed employees. In fact, more and more companies are switching to the ‘unlimited’ style of vacation days, trusting their employees to take what they need without abusing the system.

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