Does Your Resume Showcase Your Skills?

When applying for a new job, you have one opportunity to make a good first impression. The purpose of your resume is to convince an employer you are worth interviewing and potentially worth hiring. With all that pressure on one sheet of paper, it’s important to make sure your resume represents your experience.

It’s hard to forget the standard inclusions, like work experience and contact information, but are you making sure you properly sell your skills? Follow these tips to make sure they’re showcased:

Include details with your work experience

If you have a lot of information to include, it can be tempting to keep your details limited, but this can be detrimental. Simply listing where you’ve worked doesn’t actually explain what you did for that company, even if the title is similar to the job you’re applying for. For each position, think of the most relevant work you did related to the job posts and list them to show not only where you’ve worked but what exactly you’ve done.

Represent yourself as well-rounded

More than just work, employers want to see you’ve branched out. This can include professional development, volunteer experience and more. Applicants who show they take initiative to further their career and give back stand out as candidates.

Additionally, listing similar items will show off skills, like time management and passion, depending on the projects. Plus, they can give you unique connectors to people at the company and provide a good topic for interview conversation.

Create a skills section

To make sure your skills are highlighted, include a section where you can list them. Some may be implied in your work descriptions, but here you can really let them shine. Think about what unique offerings you bring to the table. Do you know any writing formats? How about a second language? Maybe you’re an expert in Excel? Every job is different, and a skills section allows you to show what you have that you can bring to the position.

Match Your Skills to the Right Position

More than the right resume, you need the right opportunity. At LaJoy Group, we learn all of your skills, experiences, and goals, and match all your qualifications to a job that works best for you and meets our employer partners’ needs. We make sure we find you the right fit. Get connected today.

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