Important Tips To Consider When Onboarding New Hires

Hiring a new employee is similar to starting a new relationship. You meet someone, begin to get excited, and from there it either grows or becomes a miserable failure. Your new hire could turn out to be the missing link your team needed or the dud who simply needs to go.

While you can’t guarantee who will and won’t succeed at your organization, you can start off new employees on the right foot. To guarantee a good first day for new team members, remember these three tips:

1. Keep it simple

The first day at a new job is an overwhelming experience, and making the process as simple as possible can make the day (and your first impression as a boss) so much better for your employee. Instead of overwhelming them with paperwork, provide access to the documents prior to the start date that can be accessed through an intranet to allow them to adjust to your culture.

Training is important to ensure they know what they’re doing, but too much on the first day is overwhelming. Focus only on the basics, and leave a few, manageable assignments for them to complete.

2. Keep it organized

Few things can be more disorienting than arriving to start your new job and realizing nothing is ready for you. Leading up the start date, make sure certain items are in order, like desk, email, computer, phone and first-day schedule. Giving your new employee access to all of this will make them feel welcome and show them your level of organization and ability to get things done. Waiting days for everything to get arranged may give the idea that your company isn’t motivated and affect their desire to be employed by you.

3. Keep it friendly

Having friendly relationships in the office can make any position more enjoyable. Make sure you introduce your new employee to their team and give them some time to talk and get acquainted. Scheduling a team lunch is a great way to help them assimilate into your culture. Providing an organizational chart of your staff, or at least their direct team members is incredibly helpful. With so many things to process day one, a reminder of who’s who will be appreciated.

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